Adult Sunday School

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How to Read the Bible
with Associate Pastor Davidson Sutherland

Not just one book, the Bible is an ancient library that includes poetry, epic origin stories, murder mysteries, and saucy love music! There are stories of tragedy, hope, death, resurrection, and countercultural parables. Biblical writers describe their journeys- how God showed up along the way and how God will keep showing up again and again.

In our new Adult Bible School class we will examine the breadth of scripting and ask a lot of questions like, “Why the heck did they put that in there?” Holy scriptures offer us glimpses of God, but also reveal a lot about ourselves, our human experience ranging from love, death, heart ache, wandering and wondering. Join Pastor Davidson on Sundays at 9 am to see what God might have to say about these things!

Adult Sunday School beings September 22.
Sundays, 9am!

Trish Boyce