Thankful and Joyful

We are so thankful for 102 Gospel Opportunities that our New Dover family supplied to Operation Christmas Child!  Even more so for the donations throughout the year that enabled the helpful hands for our packing party to make 35 more shoe boxes.

We are blessed to have our faithful volunteer keep our Drop Off center open to receive 1147 shoe boxes for the week!  Thank you so much for Herb Petersen, Anita Davis, Janet & Poncho Greve, Korissa Semmens, Jake & Jesse Donnelly, Mike & Bryant Baidowsky and Brian Richards and his RV to help deliver some of the 75 cartons of shoe boxes!

Our efforts helped to fill three tractor trailers at Evangel Church sending 17,147 shoe boxes to spread the love of Jesus and the word of God to children all over the world.  

May you all be blessed for the Joy that you will bring to child.