The Bible reminds us “children shall be taught of the Lord.”  Students who are consistently in class will become familiar with using their Bible, the lessons from the Bible and how they apply to us individually and together as Christians, as well specific verses that help us be Christ-like.  Second Timothy 3:15 will become a reality as the children attend each week: “From childhood you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise.”


Children in eleventh and twelfth grade who are eligible will receive attendance pins in June to recognize their faithfulness.  Children in grades Pre-K through tenth grade will receive a certificate to recognize their excellent attendance.  The following policies are used to determine which students are eligible to receive a pin/award:

1.      To be considered present, students must be in their classroom when attendance is taken.  Students who are not present when attendance is taken will be considered absent.

2.      Attendance begins on September 17, 2018, the first day of Sunday School.

3.      To earn an attendance pin/certificate, a student must have no more than 5 unexcused absences for the year.  (There is no limit to the number of excused absences.)

4.      For an absence to be considered excused, one of the following must be provided the following Sunday or when the student returns to class:

a.     In the case of illness, a note to the office or an email to from the parent/guardian

b.     A note or email stating the child attended a worship service at New Dover or at another place of worship that week

5.        On the first Sunday of each month, either the Middle School or the High School classes will be participating in Communion Sunday.  MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS WILL BE EXPECTED TO REPORT TO AND SIT WITH THEIR TEACHER.  IF THEY CANNOT FIND THEIR TEACHER, THEY MUST REPORT TO JANET.  ATTENDANCE WILL BE TAKEN.

Students must be present for instruction at New Dover during the Sunday School time to receive an attendance pin for participation in the Church School.  The majority of instruction must take place at New Dover in a Sunday School class.  Occasional attendance during other worship services at New Dover or other churches is permitted as long as the majority of instruction takes place in the New Dover Sunday School class.   

 *Please note:  social, recreational, work, scouting events and sports activities DO NOT constitute an excused absence.