Church School Procedures

Arrival Time:  All classes begin at 10:00 am

Dismissal Time
Church School ends when the 10:00 worship service is over.  The double doors in the breezeway will then be opened.  Please refrain from entering the hallway until then.  Students in 2nd grade and under must be picked up by a parent, guardian, or another authorized person (siblings included).  Older students will be dismissed by their teachers once the class is over.  Please pick up your children as soon as worship is over so the teachers may have time to leave the room and enjoy fellowship.

Offering will be collected each week in the classroom.  If your child/children use envelopes, the amount inside must match what is written on the outside.  In December, an annual Envelope Request Form will be sent home to all Church School families so new envelopes can be accurately ordered. 

Playground Use
Unless an adult or an older youth, with permission from the child/children’s parents, is present to supervise all activities on the playground, children are not permitted to use any of the equipment.  For the safety of your children, please do not leave them unattended.